Phoenix Networks is the brand name of iPHOENIX NETWORKS I.K.E, which is located in Greece.

Phoenix Networks among other certifications, is a registered distributor of Viprinet GmbH for Greece and Cyprus. Our goal is to offer our customers all kind of services and products that contribute towards obtaining best results through and from all capabilities internet may provide.

Reliable connection

Nowadays internet connectivity is very important for every aspect of business activity and although it is something that is assumed as given, it isn’t. Internet providers offer many technologies and products to their customers together with the promise of a reliable connection, but none of them can offer 99,9% uptime  that we can offer to our customers with the use of the Viprinet multi wan routers and our bonding services. Moreover this with our bonding services, our customers no longer rely on a single provider for their internet connection and that means that they become independent.


 A good, speedy connection to the internet, is as good as security is unquestioned. With the Viprinet multi wan routers and their build-in state of the art security implementation, you can be sure that your data cannot be accessed. Moreover as a certified reseller of the Sophos security products, we can offer you cloud UTM services which include, antivirus, antispam, content control and all the required Firewall services that secure a corporate environment. All these services are offered as a cloud service without any need of investment from your side in hardware and knowledge.

Managed Services

No matter if you have a dedicated IT department in your company or if you outsource your IT needs, we can take of the hassle of the management of the internet connectivity and the security of your business. With our managed services we can take care of your  internet connections, your routers , the firewall and all of the needed actions in order to keep you and your valuable data secured.

Peace Of Mind

Combining all of our services and equipment we offer, our customers benefit with peace of mind and they are able invest their time in their business. We make sure that their IT hardware and software will cover their needs as they grow.

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