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Vessels spend a lot of time in ports or travelling near the coasts, where 3G or 4G mobile internet coverage exists. With our sophisticated internet bonding algorithms and our durable hardware, we can offer you a stable internet connection which at the same time is 60% cheaper than you SAT link. This bonded line can be used for all kind of needs: for your crew, your guests or for the important monitoring data of your vessel or yacht.

Great benefits:

  • 99.9% uptime!!

  • Up to 60% cheaper than your satellite connection

  • Up to 200Mbit/s of bonding capacity

  • Flexible contracts

  • Auto switch to your satellite connection when the 3G/4G network is not available

  • Auto block of the sim card once its data plan limit has been reached

  • With our small 5XX models you can bond up to 4 SIM cards from different providers and get an internet speed of up to 35Mbit!!

    Their small footprint makes them ideal for yachts and vessels where space is limited. More than this their fanless operation and the absense of moving parts (HDDs etc) makes them durable enough for a vessel’s hard enviroment., offering an stable connection based on internet bonding technology.


    With our 1610 and 2610 rackmounted models you can bond up to 6 SIM cards from different providers and get an internet speed of up to 200Mbit!!
    The complete absense of moving parts (HDDs etc), makes sure that they will survive on a vessel’s hard enviroment and deliver you the most of the 3G/4G technologies by offering more than 100MBit of internet bonding services. They are ideal for vessel and yachts of any size.


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