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Some years ago when data exchange between a company and its vehicles was only a few Kbs, a simple GPRS connection was more than enough to cover their needs. Nowadays the companies that depend on their vehicles for their business, they need a reliable, high bandwidth WAN connection. Getting this in a vehicle is not easy. There are many different standards, operated via different frequencies and uses different antenna technologies. The wave propagation is affected by buildings, glass coatings and other obstacles. But we have the solution.

Great advantages

  • 99.9% uptime!!

  • Up to 35Mbit/s of bonding capacity

  • Flexible contracts

  • Fan-less and no moving parts robust construction

  • Auto block of the sim card once its data plan limit has been reached

  • With the 5XX Viprinet routers which has been developed especially for use in mobile applications we can offer you a reliable WAN connection to your vehicle and make it a part of your corporate network. You will be able to exchange important information with the people on it, you can even track its route or watch the vehicle’s on board cameras in live stream!

    The Viprinet 5XX routers are built with mobile bonding applications in mind. They are small in size and weight, they have no moving parts (HDDs, fan etc), and they consume very low power to offer you the best internet experience that you can get. Bonding up to four 3G or 4G connections you can get up to 35Mbits of bonding capacity.

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