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Why Wan Bonding is valuable for your company.


Broadband Bonding services in Maritime can offer a stable  and cheaper alternative to the expensive satellite links. With our intelligent multi wan bonding systems we can auto-switch from 3g/4G connections to the satellite one when they are not available. Read more..


Using our bonding streaming services and our multi wan bonding routers, we can simplify the procedures for streaming your event to the minimum and setup everything even hours before it takes place. Streaming over Bonding is easier to setup,cheaper and more reliable. Read more..

Mobile Broadband

The demand for higher bandwidth for in vehicle applications is increasing year by year. S simple GPRS connection is not enough any more. With our mobile multi wan bonding routers and antennas you can have up to 400Mbps that can cover any need. Read more..

Secure VPN

Create high bandwidth, secure site to site VPN connections with our multi wan bonding services. We can design and setup the perfect VPN network that will interconnect all of your sites with bandwidth that can reach 400Mbps!! Read more..

Medical Sector

Our Bonding services are very important for the companies involved in the medical services sector. for example imagine an ambulance equipped with a 35MBps connection to the hospital. With such a fast and more important stable connection, the medical stuff of the ambulance, can stream in realtime the patient’s data or even a live stream video from the cabin and the doctors in the hospital could  send guidance back to them on how to cherish in the best way the patient. With our multi wan bonding routers this is possible and we can show you how.

Internet Anywhere

Internet in contruction sites is a complicated task. With our multi wan bonding routers and services we  can offer reliable internet access for construction companies on any site from Day One. With bonding capacities that can reach 35MBps per site the company not only is able to offer internet access on site but also a reliable connection to the headquarters.

 Less is more and we can proove it! Let us show you how.


Get more by spending less

Splitting many internet connections to separate services such as email, web services and others is a usual practice from the network managers, in order to offer the bandwidth each service needed to operate. But those services don’t use the connection 24 hours a day. Most of the time those connections are idle offering you nothing. You no longer need to spend money in connections that you don’t need. Using our strong QOS rules in our multi wan bonding routers, we can unify all of your services under a single high speed internet connection, making sure that each one of them will get the bandwidth it needs to operate and when it’s not used, the router will offer it to other services. Like this all of your available bandwidth is fully control and used. More than this, with the dedicated IP address(es) that we will assign to you, your services will be accessible from the very same addresses no matter from which of your lines the router is pushing your data to the internet.

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