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Multi Wan Routers

With Viprinet Multi Wan routers you can bond up to six Wan interfaces and create a Virtual Leased Line with up to 400Mbps bandwidth, 99,9% availability and rock solid security. And if you need to bond more than 6 Wan interfaces, you can stack two or more Viprinet nodes and get even more bandwidth! The Viprinet Bonding Routers offer Military grade VPN connectivity with their certified, proprietary VPN encryption, trusted by Lawn Enforcement and Secret Service Authorities in many countries.

Viprinet 310

With the 3xx series routers we can bond up to 3 Wan interfaces with maximum bonding capacity of 100Mpbs. The 3xx series multichannel VPN routers, have no moving parts, they are desktop and hot-plug.

Viprinet 2620

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With the 26XX series router, you can bond up to 6 lines of any type and get up to 400Mbps of bonding capacity. The 26xx series can be mounted on a rack, it has no moving part except from its fans, it is modular and hot-plug.

Viprinet 200

The 200 Viprinet Bonding router is the smallest system. It has one Gbit Wan interface embedded and it can accept one more hot-plug module. It has 70Mbit Bonding capacity which is more than enough for a small office.

Viprinet 512

The 510 is the mobile edition of the Viprinet Multi Wan routers. It has embedded 4 LTE modems and a Gbit Wan port. It has no moving parts and its cover act as a heatsink. The 510 is ideal for live streaming sessions, Vehicles, yachts etc.