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Secure your mobile communications and protect your valuable information

Encrypted Calls

Encrypted Messaging

Encrypted File Transfer

Silentel is the best platform for end to end encrypted mobile communication. Its strong encryption is certified by NATO and this guarantees to our clients that no one else is listening to their calls or reading their messages except from the persons that are intended to.

Great advantages

Works Everywhere


Silentel works with all known IP networks (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, LAN/WAN, Satellite) and thus it can reduce your call charges since when you use Wi-Fi the call is completely free!

Secure in every way

The strong NATO certified encryption and the option to have your own, in-house hosted servers makes Silentel the perfect choice.


Silentel work in all known mobile platforms, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. This cross-platform compatibility makes sure that you can use your own devices protecting this way your investment.

Easy to Use


Silentel is easy to install and use. It won’t drain your battery and it won’t use any data while not in use.