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If your business is splitted in different offices, no matter if they are on the same country or not, or how many they are, you no longer need expensive satellite links or leased lines to interconnect them. With our internet bonding services and our Wan bonding routers you can combine low cost ADSL,VDSL lines to create one high speed, secure VPN connection for them. This helps you create a unified network where all critical applications for your business continuity can be linked via a single rock solid internet connection.

Great benefits

  • 99.9% uptime!!

  • Up to 60% cheaper than your satellite connection or leased line

  • Up to 200Mbit/s of bonding capacity

  • Flexible contracts

  • combining lines from different providers allows you to be always online and provider independent

  • Easy central management

  • Great savings by unifying all of your services

  • How it works

    The router installed on each of your offices creates a secured VPN bonded connection with our HUB hosted on our Datacenter. All data travelling into this connection is completely encrypted with our advanced proprietary 256bit SSL certification. The traffic from all offices targets the HUB on the datacenter and not the router itself. Because of our highspeed dedicated internet connections we keep the latency low and in conjuction with the sophisticated QOS we can offer you the best site to site interconnection that you can get.

    VPN vs MPLS

    The traditional way to interconnect branches is via MPLS links. But MPLS has several limitations. The biggest one is that the customer is depended on the ISP that offers the MPLS connectivity. With our Broadband Bonding you can choose the ISP that fit your needs and budget and if this doesn’t work well then you can switch to another one with no need to worry for downtime during transition. Our Wan Bonding Services Virtualise your Wan and make any connection transparent for your services and users. Another issue is that if the main line goes down then all of your services that depend on the MPLS goes down. With Wan Bonding this is not an issue. You can use as many broadband lines as you like, from different ISP’s, and taking advantage of our state of the art bandwidth aggregation feature, you will built a High Bandwidth internet connection. At the same time you will have High Availability because of the multi wan topology, and military grade secure VPN connection. 

    Overall there is only one winner when one compares VPN vs MPLS and this is VPN with Multi Wan Bonding routers. 

    Boost your Network Security

    Watch Viprinet’s CEO Simon Kissel, explaining how the Viprinet’s approach to VPN connectivity is the best that you can find in the market and how it can protect your valuable data.

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