Streaming live events is very difficult and one can make it the right way, only with state of the art equipment. In order to achieve a proper streaming via regular internet lines, you need enough bandwidth, low jitter, and very low latency. With the Viprinet routers and their proprietary streaming optimization algorithm we can control all three crucial points and give you the best result even over 3G/4G lines.

Great Benefits:

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Up to 60% cheaper than your satellite connection

  • Up to 200Mbit/s of bonding capacity

  • Flexible contracts

  • Setup a streaming event even a few hours before the event!!

  • No line of sight is needed

  • Time is money:

    How many hours you need to setup a link for your service?

    Satellite 96 hours
    ISDN 80 hours
    Phoenix streaming service 7 hours

    With the traditional satellite links or ISDN lines, you needed at least four days in order to lease the link or the lines for your event. With our streaming services you can lease the router and the sim cards you need even the same day your event takes place.

    Mobile streaming optimized bonding routers:

    With our 5ΧΧ series bonding routers you can stream from any place. With their small size and  low power consumption they are ideal for streaming via mobile stations. It can hold up to 4 sim cards from different providers via which you can get up to 35Mbits of bonding capacity!

    High Capacity streaming optimized bonding routers:

    If you need more bandwidth then our 1610 and 2610 systems are right for you.  Bonding multiple lines of different type (ADSL, VDSL, UMTS, LTE) can offer you up to 200Mbits of bonding capacity!! It can be used in combination with the Viprinet 5XX series systems for a mobile to station high bandwidth live transmission via a secured VPN tunnel, leaving behind the problems with breaks into stream because of the low bandwidth and the high latency.

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